Best Fins for Strong Currents

image featuring two scuba fins for strong currents

Scuba divers understand the importance of having the proper gear when navigating underwater environments, and none is more critical than the selection of fins when it comes to strong currents. Strong currents present a unique challenge; they require fins that offer both power and control to maintain energy efficiency and manage underwater navigation. The right … Read more

Best Scuba Fins for Small Feet

image of scuba fins for small feet with text overlay

Scuba diving is an exhilarating experience, offering a unique glimpse into the underwater world. However, it is essential for every diver to have the correct equipment to ensure both safety and enjoyment. For individuals with small feet, selecting the right scuba fins can be challenging, as the fit must be precise to prevent discomfort and … Read more

Best BCDs for Beginners in 2024

Divers often have different preferences in diving, and buoyancy compensators are designed to reflect those. Since the criteria for evaluation is different, “best” for one group may not be the best for another. The purpose of this article is not to convince you of which approach to buoyancy control you should adopt, but more to … Read more

Best Dive Lights in 2024

Color has an interesting relationship with depth. As depth increases, color vanishes. It vanishes in the same order in which it appears in the rainbow. Red goes first, then violets, followed by ultra-violets. Since diving can become a colorless and bland experience, diving lights can greatly enhance the experience of a dive. Furthermore, diving during … Read more

7 Best Dive Computers in 2024

There was a time when diving was completely dependent upon dive tables. Bottom times were short and dives were carefully planned to the second. Then dive computers came and multi-level diving in its true sense, became possible. It was a revolution! Bottom times were increased since unlike a dive table that assumes a square profile, … Read more

8 Best Travel BCDs in 2024

If we were to make a list of top diving states in the US, then those would be California, Florida, New York, Texas, Virginia, Maryland and DC. Besides the first two, diving populations in all others do not have access to crystal clear, blue waters and frequently travel to far off destinations to dive. Thus … Read more